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When I was asking people what I should include in my blog, I had an overwhelming response to talk about my hair tips and tricks. For those of you who don’t know, I am a licensed cosmetologist and have been doing hair for a few years now! I always loved playing with and doing other people’s hair, so naturally it made sense to make that my profession. That being said, I love testing and learning about any and all products and wanted to share with you some of my current hair faves. Obviously everyone has different hair- these products work for my long, straight, fine textured, thick, and colored hair, but might not be the best for you. I am fairly picky about products that I use on myself and how they smell plays a big factor. I can confidently say that the following products both work and smell amazing. These are the current products that I am using in my everyday hair care routine!

First let’s talk about shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo is probably the product I change most often, but I always come back to my tried and true Matrix’s Biolage ColorLast Shampoo and Conditioner. As I said, I have very thick, colored hair and finding a shampoo that gets me feeling both clean while also not fading my color is crucial. I tend to have dry ends and an oily scalp, and have found that both the shampoo and conditioner are moisturizing without making your hair super slick or greasy. I also will use purple shampoo, like Amika Bust Your Brass, to combat the brassy tones that always appear in my hair when I’m in between toners.

So we can’t talk about shampoo and not talk about dry shampoo. As you probably know by now, you really shouldn’t wash your hair everyday. If you wash your hair everyday you are stripping the hair of natural oils that it needs, and therefore increasing the actual amount of oil produced. I probably wash my hair only two times a week but for those in between days I use my dry shampoo. I am obsessed with Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. It is an aerosol, color safe dry shampoo. I love this one because it doesn’t leave that white powdery look once you’ve worked it in. I’ve also found that a little goes a long way, and the full size can lasts for a long time. It makes you feel refreshed and just like you have clean hair! It also does a fantastic job at adding volume into the hair for dry styling. A tip I have is to apply dry shampoo then let it sit. Don’t work it in just yet! I typically do my makeup while my dry shampoo is sitting and then once I’m done with my makeup I will work the product into my roots with my hands.

On one of the days where I actually wash my hair I will always apply Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair after showering. I take about a nickel to dime sized amount and apply this to damp or towel dried hair from the mid to ends. I then will comb the product through my hair. What I love about this product is that it has protein in it to help repair the hair and strengthen it. It also is a heat protectant, which is something literally everyone needs if you use any type of heat on your hair. If you’ve never used Aveda products you should known that they are all plant-based products and are made using wind energy.

Another one of my favorites is Ouai Hair Oil. I started using this product once it launched. I use this on both damp and dry hair. It seals split ends, keeps color from fading, and is also a heat protectant. I also use this on styled hair to add moisture back to my dry ends and to tame flyaways.

Once I’ve styled my hair I always hit it with a bit of hairspray. I like a lot of different hairsprays such as Aveda’s AirControl, but have enjoyed using the classic L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray. This hairspray holds hair in place without looking stiff. I love it because it helps my curls last all day and it doesn’t feel sticky. You can actually brush your hair with this hairspray in it. One look that I always use a lot of hairspray for is when I do sleek ponytails. A tip I have for any sleek look is to apply the hairspray using a toothbrush. I started doing this ten years ago and it is the best trick. All you do is you take a simple toothbrush (I have one just for hairspray), spray the hairspray directly onto it and then brush the hairspray into the hair. This is how I get a high shine, super sleek ponytail with zero flyaways.

The last product I want to talk about isn’t necessarily an everyday product but I try to use it almost every week. Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector is a treatment that rebuilds the bonds in your hair and it is heavenly. I first started using this on my clients, especially my blondes, and then just decided to use it on myself one day and oh my goodness is it amazing. It makes your hair incredibly soft, shiny, and strong and who doesn’t want that?! This 10 minute minimum (I always go longer) treatment is applied to towel dried hair before you shampoo and condition. Olaplex finally started selling this to the public, not just professionals, and I definitely would recommend going to Sephora to pick one up. It is the perfect treatment to do for those nights you just want to stay in and watch Netflix.

And there you have it, my everyday hair care product round up. I cant wait to share more of my hair and beauty tips and tricks with you all. Please let me know if you have tried any of these or are going to try any of the tips I mentioned. I genuinely love hair care and love learning about what other products people use. What are some of your favorite everyday hair care products? Let me know in the comments below!




  1. Julie wrote:

    Thanks for sharing your professional tips for hair products, your hair is so beautiful! 💕

    Published 11.17.18
  2. Kirsten McCue wrote:

    Thanks for the tips. I will definitely try them.

    Published 11.22.18

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