We Are Moving!

Melanie and I are thrilled to finally announce that we are moving to CHICAGO in December! We are so excited for this next adventure for our family and can’t wait to call such a wonderful place home. Chicago has always been my favorite city, and I simply can not wait. This will our first time living in a city and we are curious to see not only how we adapt but also how our crazy dog, Kaia, handles the bustling city.  

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any recommendations for us in Chicago!

We can’t wait to share this next journey with you all- now to start packing.




  1. Maddie Reed wrote:

    So many recommendations!!! Text me! 513-833-4623

    Published 11.20.18
    • Mackenzie wrote:

      I will!

      Published 11.21.18
  2. Susan Ring wrote:

    You will have such a great experience!

    Published 11.20.18
  3. Colette Duerre wrote:

    I only know Chicago by its fame, but I am very happy for you – should be great – and I am SURE that grandma Sue will be FULL of suggestions! Enjoy your new home – Colette

    Published 11.20.18
  4. Julie wrote:

    We are SO excited about your next adventure in the Windy City and look forward to all of the fun visits there to see you both. Love you!💕 Mom & Dad

    Published 11.20.18
  5. Michelle Reeves wrote:

    So exciting! I love Chicago! Of course growing up in the suburbs and living downtown while going to grad school plays a big part. Can’t wait to find out where you will live and then I can visit you when I go home to see my family!!!

    Published 11.20.18

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